Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara bringing kerosene oil to the place where she kept Thapki captive and says it is enough of fish drama. She says you and this fish will die. She pours kerosene oil around Thapki’s chair. She says although Bihaan and Kabir have patched up, but my enmity will not end with you. I am tired of keeping you far away from Bihaan, but you……….always come in between us and snatch my Bihaan from me. She asks are you God to decide my fate? You will snatch my love and husband. She says if you are alive then only you will snatch. She lights the match stick and pours on the kerosene oil. Kerosene oil catches fire. Sankara smirks. Burqa dupatta is moved from Thapki’s face and Sankara is shocked to see dummy instead of Thapki. She is shocked and says where is Thapki.

Thapki comes from behind and hits Sankara on her head. Sankara holds her head in pain and falls down on the floor unconscious.

Later at Pandey Nivas, Thapki throws water on Sankara’s face to make her conscious. Sankara gains consciousness and sees Thapki sitting infront of her. She frees her tied hands. Thapki takes out a glass of water from fish bowl and makes Sankara have it forcibly. Sankara is shocked. Thapki says Neha and you tried to make me mad and controlled me through this water, and says now you are in my control. Sankara gets scared. Thapki says I am controlling your life now and will do same thing with you which you had done with me. Sankara recalls all their doings and asks Thapki to leave her. Thapki looks on. Sankara asks her to let her leave else she will tell everyone. All Pandey family come there. Bihaan says Thapki…you are here. I was searching you everywhere, and asks why did you tie Sankara like this. Thapki says I have tied her. Bihaan asks why? Shraddha says I think Thapki have started her madness again.

Thapki says I had become mad and this Sankara tried to make me mad. Bihaan asks what you are saying? Thapki asks everyone to sit and says I called you all here to expose her truth. Vasu asks Bihaan to listen to Thapki once. Kabir, Neha, Bihaan and others sit down. Thapki says you have played many games with me Sankara rani, now I want to play a game with you, and that name is sach ka aayina…I will expose your truth. She takes out something from a cover and is about to put in water. Sankara recalls Neha putting Thapki’s thing in the bowl. She asks what you are doing. Thapki says you know, and asks her to answer for her questions. She says my first question…she says I had written a letter to Bihaan to inform about my pregnancy and asks did you changed that letter or not. Sankara recalls changing that letter. Thapki is about to put something in water. Sankara gets scared. Thapki says didn’t you change that letter to stop Bihaan from knowing about my pregnancy. Sankara says yes, I had changed that letter. Everyone is shocked.

Thapki asks what about my pregnancy report? Who had changed it during the function and kept some other report in its place. Sankara says yes. I had changed that report. Everyone is shocked. Thapki asks who had sent the goons to kidnap me and molest me. Sankara says I had sent those goons. Thapki says when Kabir saved me from goons, who had clicked those pics. Sankara says I had clicked those pics. Thapki says you got successful in provoking Bihaan against me, and asks who had thrown pot on Maa’s head or if it was an accident. Sankara accepts that she had thrown pot on her. Vasu is shocked and angry. Bihaan is also angry. Thapki says now my last question….She says Kabir’s accusation that Bihaan had burnt his sister’s house. If this is right or wrong? Kabir looks on waiting for the answer. Thapki asks who had burnt Neha’s house. Sankara looks at Neha. Thapki repeats her question. Sankara cries and tells that I had burnt her house. Neha and Kabir are shocked.

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Sankara repeats that Bihaan had not burnt her house. She says as he couldn’t do, I had done his work. Bihaan gets up shocked. Sankara says how do you know this? Thapki says crime and criminal can’t be hidden for long. She says when Neha came to our house, that day you went to her house. A fb is shown, Sankara goes to Neha’s burnt house and says I have burnt her house and today she landed in my house. Thapki hears her. She says I will make Neha against you and make Bihaan go far away from you. Neha cries, goes near Sankara and slaps her. She hugs Thapki crying. Sankara says you are my friend, listen to me. Neha says you can’t be anyone’s friend and cries. Kabir also cries. Sankara pours something in the fish bowl. Sankara cries and shouts.. She looks at her body. Thapki says nothing has happened to you. She asks Neha, shall we tell truth to her. She says you tried to make me mad, and I had just done some acting to bring your truth out, and asked Neha’s help.

Neha says I knew your truth and that’s why decided to support her. She says I will make you understand. A fb is shown. Thapki tells Neha that she will prove that Bihaan is innocent and says he had not burnt your house. She asks her to give a chance and support her to nab the real culprit. Neha asks what I have to do? Thapki says you have to make Sankara believe that you want to kill me along with her. She asks if you will help me. Neha nods and gives her approval. Shraddha asks about blood coming in Thapki’s eyes. Thapki says it was all acting. A fb is shown. Thapki sees Neha about to put something in fish water and pours some red color in her eyes. She then pretends that blood is coming out from her eye. Fb ends. Thapki says I acted to fly high in air. A fb is shown, Thapki uses rope to get lifted in air and switches off lights so that nobody can see the rope. Fb ends. Bihaan asks about her dance and asked how she had broken the bed. Thapki says it was acting too and tells that she had cut the bed and made it fall, to make them belief that she is possessed by ghost. She says Vasu and Neha helped her. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Sankara gets up from her chair and holds Thapki at knife point. Bihaan asks her to leave Thapki. Sankara says she will teach Thapki today by cutting her neck today. Everyone is shocked.


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