Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara asking Bihaan to bless her to be his wife always. She bends down infront of Bihaan to touch his feet. Vasu asks what you have done. Suman says you told that you will die, but will not accept her as your wife. Bihaan recalls telling Sankara that he will die but not accept as his wife and says he is dead today. Sankara continues to smiles and holds his hand. He looks sadly with teary eyes and walks off. Thapki feels bad too. Bihaan wipes his tears and goes. Thapki looks on sad. Shraddha says congratulations to Sankara and says finally you are married. Today you have won, and very soon I will win too. She says Bihaan is your husband now and only you have right on him. She asks her to go. Sankara goes. Preeti tells Thapki that she did wrong with Bihaan. Suman takes

her side and says she didn’t do wrong, she is a human and woman too, and says you did right by marrying Kabir, atleast he will keep you happy. Aditi says you might not be destined to stay with Bihaan, as he is not suitable for her, and says I am always with you.

Vasu asks everyone to go and says she needs to talk to Thapki. She tells Thapki that she trusts her fully….Thapki is still in shock. Vasu says I know you haven’t done any mistake. Thapki says everything is done by Kabir Katyal and that’s why he was silent today, and haven’t told the truth to anyone. Vasu says I know, and says who will make Bihaan understand now. Thapki says Bihaan will accept and says she will expose Kabir’s truth infront of Bihaan. She says Kabir wants to break my relation with Bihaan, but he himself will break first and then there will be nobody between us. She says I have suffered enough and circumstances made me strong. She says I will not leave Kabir Katyal.

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Bihaan comes to his room and imagines Kabir kissing Thapki’s hand. He gets angry and breaks the mirror angrily. He cries. Sankara comes to room and smiles seeing him in pain. She gives him water and asks to drink. She says I know you are very sad and that Thapki gave you so much pain….I am with you. Bihaan says I love you Thapki very much, why did you do this??? What I will do now..Sankara says you will do same as which she did. She says you will live life with me and I will give you so much love that you will forget her. She is about to kiss him. Bihaan pushes her and says I just loves Thapki. Sankara asks what about me? You have filled my maang with sindoor. Bihaan says my heart beats for Thapki only and when it stops beating for her, then you will get your rights. He goes. Sankara thinks to get that right also, and thinks I will see until when your heart beats for my sautan Thapki.

Aditi is in her room and is about to fill her maang with sindoor. Shraddha comes and takes sindoor and fills her maang. Aditi asks what nonsense? Shraddha says she has done all which she did. Aditi says Dhruv is my husband and this sindoor belongs to me, and says your relation is illegitimate. Shraddha challenges her that Dhruv will fill her maang with sindoor and make her his wife legally. She says when Sankara and Kabir can get their rights, then why not I? She says I will clear the illegitimate tag very soon. Aditi looks on sad.

Kabir hits himself with hunter and gets bleeding. He feels apologetic and thinks Thapki’s character was questioned because of him. He asks how can I let it happen. Thapki enters the room. Kabir wears shawl and stands infront of mirror. Thapki breaks the mirror and asks how can he face himself after giving pain to others. She says don’t think me weak. One day I will break devil inside you, and asks why did you do this. She asks him to answer and says you have separated me and Bihaan. She asks him to tell about his motive. Kabir says even I have a motive and tells that my motive is Bihaan. Thapki asks what? Kabir stands silent again. Thapki says do cheap tricks, but remember one thing, Thapki Bihaan Pandey is always his. She says my only motive is to make you lose, which I will do. She says nobody can come in between Thapki and Bihaan, not even you…Kabir katyal. Kabir is also teary eyes.
Later Kabir is standing in the balcony. Sankara comes to him and says I knew that you will do this to do penance. She says I brought lep for you and says I will apply on your wounds. Kabir pushes it and blames her for the happenings. Sankara asks what wrong did I do? I did what you wanted. She says I was helping you. You might think me stupid looking at my face, but I know that you have some motive to enter this house. She asks him to let his madness go, and separate Bihaan and Thapki for forever. She says nothing is more important than motive and asks him to apply lep, as he needs to be fine for their motive.

Kabir tells Bihaan that he and his entire family are going from this house and asks if he haven’t read the notice. Bihaan reads the notice and is shocked.


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