Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd February 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha telling Vasu that her son is the heir of the family and she shall do the grah pravesh. She kick the kalash after handing over baby to Dhruv. Vasu tells her that they have never differentiate between daughter and son and they are both for them. Preeti says Shraddha’s baby will be heir only. Bihaan says just as maa said, both are equal. Thapki does their aarti. Shraddha holds her hand and makes her do their aarti. Thapki says she is feeling good after becoming maasi and can’t express her feelings. Aditi says very soon I will feel the same thing with your baby. Thapki smiles. Vasu gets emotional and prays nothing wrong happens now. Kosi asks Sankara to have sweets and tells that Pandey family are blessed with two babies and very soon Thapki will also deliver

baby. Sankara gets angry and says that Thapki snatched my Bihaan from me, and I will never leave her. Kosi says I will also not leave Thapki as I told her that whenever I return then I will not bring storm but tsunami with me. She determines to ruin Thapki.

Thapki asks Bihaan to study. Bihaan says he couldn’t understand something since morning. Thapki asks him to show and asks him to repeat with her. Bihaan repeats after her. thapki tells him that their baby is kicking her listening to maths formula. Bihaan repeats the formula and says he wants little intelligent Thapki. Door bell rings. Thapki comes. Vasu says she will open the door. She opens the door and finds two women standing with their face covered. Vasu asks who called you? Kosi says she is Kalavati. They recall hitting the real kalavati. Vasu asks about other woman in veil. Kosi says she is my sister. Thapki asks her name. Sankara gets tensed. Vasu asks her to tell her name. Kosi tells them that she is dumb and her name is Surmati. Vasu and Thapki ask them to show their face.

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Kosi says they can’t remove their ghunghat. Thapki says just we will see your faces, and is about to hold her ghunghat.

Sankara tells something. Kosi says she is saying that she will not work here, as she promised her husband that they will not lift ghunghat infront of anyone, and says we can’t work here. She says lets go. Shraddha comes and stops them. She asks Vasu to keep kalavati and surmati for her and baby. Vasu asks Thapki about her opinion and says ghunghat custom is still in the village. We shall not let them go, and break their hope. Thapki says okay. Kosi and Sankara get inside. Thapki finds their voice familiar and asks do I know you. Kosi says no and makes an excuse. They get inside the room and look at the tiffin box, says it has stuff to ruin Thapki.

Thapki comes and asks them to give some identity for Police verification. Kosi gives ID card in which they are wearing ghunghat. Bihaan comes and asks what happened? Thapki tells that they are having ghunghat in ID cards also. Bihaan says its okay. He also finds her voice familiar and says it seems to be of Maa. Kosi says Maa, Amma, all names are same. Thapki bends down to pick their tiffin. Bihaan stops her and is about to pick tiffin. Kosi says it contains their left over food and they will throw it. Bihaan says I will give food to Cow. Kosi says no. They leave.

Kosi opens the boxes and shows bombs. She tells they will plant 5 bombs in the 5 corners of Pandey Nivas and then everyone will die. Sankara smiles.


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