Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki going to Bau ji and crying. She tells Bau ji that she feels strange when she sees Bihaan and Sheena together, I don’t understand, I feel that I m losing some imp part of my life. He asks her to find the answer, and tells a story of a devotee doing Shiv ji tapasya, Shiv ji got happy and asked what do you want. Devotee asks for Amrit, Shiv ji then checked him, he has tested the devotee by making him stand in water, when he started sinking, his breath was stopping. Shiv ji asked him what was his heart saying at his last breath’s moment. The devotee said my breath was asking for my life. Shiv ji then told him to ask for Amrit when he can see Amrit in his final breath. He asks Thapki to be in that devotee’s place and recall what she wants in her last breath, her breath of life or anything else, then he will get her answer. She closes her eyes and sees Bihaan. She opens eyes and smiles. She thanks Bau ji and touches his feet. He smiles.
She goes to the diya and recalls Bihaan and Sheena. She sees the diya blowing off and worriedly holds the diya. She recalls Bihaan’s words and runs holding the diya. She goes downstairs and sees just Bihaan standing in darkness. Bihaan gets surprised seeing her.


She says I did not let this diya blow off, I came here, you asked me does this matter to me or not, yes it matters, everything related to you matters to me, when you get hurt, I feel the pain, if your eyes get years, my heart also cries, when you are happy, my face gets smile too, when you are with someone else, it matters to me when your name is linked with someone else, when you get away from me, it affects me a lot. Bihaan looks at her and asks why Thapki.

Thapki cries and says you are still asking why, is my words not my answer, can’t you see my state. He says I can see everything, I told you but you did not agree. She asks can’t you wait, will you get engaged to someone else. He says I was waiting but…. She says then why did you get ready for engagement today, I did not realize, but you had love for me right….. She looks at him and goes to keep the diya. She says you are in hurry to go away from me, I will make you get engaged, bride is here and rings are also here, come. She takes him towards the assumed bride. Bihaan lifts the ghunghat and shows a mirror to her. Ranjhana plays…………. She gets surprised seeing the mirror. He says my bride, you were always my bride, you are and you will always be my bride.

She cries and looks at him. He smiles and nods. He says I was going to make you wear this ring. She says but Sheena…. He says Sheena is my good friend, nothing more than that, she did this to get us together and make you realize our love, this engagement was just a drama. She asks drama, then all family members….. He says they all are involved in this act, but I came to know this today. She asks why did you not tell me before, you said yes for engagement. He says if I did not say yes, how would I hear your yes. She says you are very bad and beats him. She says you know what was my state, I was afraid to lose you, you are very bad. He holds her hand and they look at each other.

Bihaan asks her what would happen if you lost me, tell me atleast now. She says you say eyes are mirror of heart, then why don’t you understand yourself. He says I had more fear than you, if this diya blew off and if you did not come, my love would have been proved wrong, today I just want to hear it from you, answer me. She says because I love you, I love you a lot Bihaan…… He happily cries. They have tears in eyes and get into an intense eyelock. He says even I love you a lot Thapki.

The family comes there smiling and clap. Vasundara says sorry, we did this to unite you. Dadi says main work was done by Sheena. Preeti says Thapki did not doubt on Sheena. Sheena says it was about my best friend’s love, sorry Thapki. Thapki hugs Sheena. Sheena says now I can leave today. Bihaan asks why so soon. Vasundara asks her to stay. Sheena says I have exams, I will come later, now I have two best friends now. They smile. Thapki thanks Sheena. Sheena says always welcome, Bihaan is very lucky to get a life partner like you. Bihaan asks is Thapki not lucky that she got me. Dadi says Lord made your Jodi like Ram and Sita. Suman and Preeti ask Shraddha to smile too and remove the tape. Preeti asks Bihaan to take the ring and make Thapki wear it. Bihaan makes Thapki wear the ring. Music plays………….. Everyone shower flowers on them and smile. Thapki also makes him wear the ring. Ranjhana ……plays…………… Thapki and Bihaan see each other and smile. They hold hands.


Bihaan tells Thapki that water fell on the sofa, I have to sleep on wet sofa all night. Thapki gives him place on the bed. They look at each other. Na na na na ……plays…………

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