Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu stopping Shraddha and asking her why she is becoming guilty by slapping guilty Thapki. She then turns to Thapki and says whoever stammers have dirt in her heart. She accuses Thapki for Bihaan’s condition. She throws her stick Shraddha thinks Vasu is changed and went against Thapki. She thinks her life is set. Balwinder comes and asks what happened? Shraddha tells him that she told Vasu about Thapki, and Vasu wanted Thapki to walk properly and that’s why threw her stick. Bihaan comes and hugs Vasu. He says he was missing her. Vasu says now I have come naa. Kids come there. Veer says we missed you. Vasu says I will not leave you. Bani comes and says ghajab…Vasu gets emotional seeing Bani and hearing ghajab from her mouth Bihaan introduces her as Thapki’s daughter

Bani. Bani says my dadi is good, but you are more good, asks can I call you dadi? Tina says my dadi is your dadi. Bani calls her dadi and hugs her. Vasu gets emotional and cries.

Bani asks her not to waste her pearly tears. Vasu thinks I know my Bihaan’s daughter will be like him only. Suman and Preeti tell her that they will make her favorite food and argue with each other. Vasu asks them to grow up. Kids ask if she brought any gift? Balwinder asks Bihaan to take kids and give them gift. Tina asks Bani to take her gift. Dhruv comes and hugs Vasu. Vasu asks how are you? Dhruv looks on upset. Vasu says I will send her once she is fine. Dhruv says I can’t see Aditi’s criminal here. Shraddha and Sankara are happy. Shraddha tells Sankara that Vasu will make Thapi’s life miserable now. Vasu calls Shraddha and says I want you to meet someone.

Shraddha tells Vasu that she doesn’t know this person. Vasu says he is a well famous painter and I have brought him to make your painting. you have proved to be a good bahu and says I thought to hang your painting on the wall. Sankara asks him to make her painting as well and says she looks like apsara. Painter says she is also beautiful. Bihaan comes to Thapki. Thapki tells kids that nobody shall know what play they are going to do. Bihaan says he likes to see play. He says I will leave. Thapki sees cockroach on the bed and shouts…

Painter asks Shraddha and Sankara to pose while he makes painting. Vasu says I will go and asks him to continue making painting.

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Thapki jumps from bed and hugs Bihaan. She says there is a cockroach there. Bihaan says it is gone. Thapki asks if he is saying right. Bihaan says I can’t lie. Tere Liye music plays while they have an eye lock. Thapki tells Bihaan that she is scared of cockroach. Bihaan says don’t worry, I am not afraid of it. Suman and Preeti see Bihaan and Thapki and tell that they love each other a lot and but can’t stay together. They hope Bihaan and Thapki get together. Sankara and Shraddha feel like freezing in same position. Painter gets a call and he asks them to stay in same position till he comes back. Veer comes. Shraddha asks him to scratch on her neck and feels relieved. Sankara asks him to scratch her nose also. Veer asks her to do it herself and says he is going to attend the play which is planned by Thapki, Bani and Tina.

Shraddha and Sankara think that Thapki is doing something and thinks to check. Thapki tells about her and Bihaan’s love story without telling names. Bani and Tina act as Thapki and Bihaan. Shraddha tells Sankara that Thapki is trying to make Bihaan get back his memory. She says we have to do more big drama than her to stop her.

Bani and Tina speak Bihaan and Thapki’s dialogues. Bihaan gets flashes of Thapki and his memory is about to return.


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