Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling that she will get back to them once she sees the papers. Someone calls her Thapki. Thapki asks her not to call her Thapki again. Woman says sorry, you look like Thapki. Shraddha thinks she looks like Thapki. Preeti and Suman come to Shraddha and tell that they have a doubt that Vani Oberoi looks like Thapki and shows the pic. Shraddha tells that Thapki couldn’t speak properly, but Vani speaks fluently. She asks them to bring juice for her and treat them like servants. Preeti says okay, we will bring juice for you. Shraddha asks them to go away. Bau ji thinks she might be Thapki. Kosi tells him that Thapki is dead and will not return, asks him to have sweets. Bihaan hears the conversation.

Thapki is going back in her car. Bihaan comes infront of her

car holding hockey stick. Assistant gets scared and asks Thapki/Vani to come out of car, as Bihaan’s intention is not good. Thapki continues to sit in car. Bihaan breaks the glass of car, but Thapki is not scared. She comes out of car. Bihaan holds her and says she can betray everyone, but not him. He says she can learn to talk fluently, change her attire, etc, but she can’t fool his heart. Thapki says she is Vani Oberoi, and warns him of the consequences if he troubles her. She sits in car and goes. A song plays…………..

Bihaan walks on the road, totally disheartened. He recalls and a fb is shown, someone coming to their house and informing that Thapki Pandey’s car met with an accident and it fell in the valley. Bihaan and Bau ji are shocked. Bihaan says I will not accept this. Later he asks his family not to mourn for her death and says she is alive. Bau ji asks did you see her? Bihaan says I tried to search for her, but couldn’t find. Kosi says she is dead and that’s why you couldn’t get her. She asks him to believe that Thapki is dead. Bihaan refuses to believe. Fb ends.


Thapki is in her hotel. Waiter comes and asks about her order. Thapki orders the food and stammers suddenly. Waiter takes her order. Thapki realizes that she is stammering and gets tensed. Assistant comes and asks her not to worry. Thapki is worried and says everyone will know now that I am Thapki, if I stammers like this. She tells…I am Vani Oberoi. She tries speaking and stammers again. Assistant asks her not to worry, and says your and sir’s hardwork will go waste. She says because of sir, you could speak so fluently infront of Pandey family. Thapki recalls practicing speaking. Assistant asks her to practice before speaking. Thapki says stammering is Thapki’s identity. She says I kept stone on my heart and got Bihaan engaged to fulfill my motive. She says I am Vani Oberoi and will go alone, you don’t need to come with me.

Kosi asks Bihaan to talk to her. She asks what you are doing? She says I came to know that you have broken Vani’s car glass. Bihaan tells her that she is not Vani, but Thapki. Thapki comes to her accident spot holding a flower, and recalls her accident. She says this is the place, where I met with an accident and lost our baby. She tells that the baby went far from her because of Bihaan and looks revengeful. Kosi thinks it was good that she didn’t let Bihaan read the letter written by Thapki that she is carrying his child. Thapki says Bihaan Pandey…you will be punished and will have to answer to my every question. She tells that she will take revenge for her son’s death and will do anything.

Thapki tells that Bihaan gave her a rigorous punishment and didn’t believe her. Even Kosi had done bad with her. She thinks to punish both.


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