Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th February 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditi asking Preeti to take care of baby and goes out. Preeti thinks to eat her pizza, but Shraddha comes and snatches pizza from her hand. She asks her to do as she says. She eats her pizza and asks Preeti if she wants to have pizza now. Preeto refuses and goes. Shraddha sees Aditi’s daughter there and lifts her in her arms telling her hi and tells that she is her real mother. She gets teary eyes and says she has kept a secret from everyone. A fb is shown, Shraddha recalls giving birth to baby girl and gets shocked seeing Aditi’s baby boy. She thinks she can’t let Aditi win and become heir’s mum. She swaps the babies, and asks the hospital staff to stay silent and that she will send money every month. Fb ends. She apologizes to baby and says what I would

have done, if I had not swapped the babies then we would have been on road. She says atleast we are here together. Aditi is coming back. Shraddha keeps the baby back and goes.

Preeti gets angry and tells that witch Shraddha snatched her pizza after giving birth to baby boy. She comes to Kosi and Sankara’s room and sees tiffin. She thinks it might have awesome Indian food and takes tiffin with her. Kosi and Sankara comes to room and search for the tiffin. Sankara tells her that she kept tiffin here itself. Preeti thinks to taste the food kept in the tiffin. Kosi and Sankara see Preeti about to open the tiffin and snatches from her hand. They ask how can you take it. Preeti says what a big deal and asks them to have their food. Kosi and Sankara open the box and see bomb in it. Kosi says these five bomb will be kept in the corners of Pandey Nivas. She says we will sell Pandey family wealth and go to America where John is staying. She says I will get you marry John. Sankara smiles happily.

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Thapki holds the diya. Balwinder says Vasu says right until you are here in this house, nothing wrong can happen. She bends down to take his blessings. He says my blessings are always with you. Thapki collides with Kosi and the tiffin falls down from their hand. Sankara picks the bombs. Kosi asks are you fine? Thapki feels pain and asks them to see while walking. Kosi apologizes and tells that tiffin is empty. Thapki thinks something have fallen from it. She comes to room and sees light off. Bihaan holds her. Thapki gets shocked. Bihaan says it’s him and tells that he planned to make her see film at home. They see the song Tum Pass Aaye…..Thapki thinks about Kalavati and Surmati and tells Bihaan that she is feeling like they are hiding something from them. Bihaan says I will call village and enquire about Kalavati.

Kosi and Sankara plants bomb in the garden area. Thapki comes to garden area and talks to her baby, says she needs to walk. Kosi tells that first bomb is planted, and now they have to plant 4 more bombs and then everyone will die. Thapki sees them and comes near them. Sankara and Kosi hide their faces. Thapki asks what you both are doing here? Kosi says Surmati was not getting sleep and that’s why they came out. Sankara makes sound. Kosi says she is getting sleep. Thapki is doubtful and thinks Bihaan will find about them.

Kosi and Sankara fit 5th bomb also and says Pandey Family will die now. Devi Maa’s chunari flies and falls on the bomb hidden under the ground. Thapki lifts the chunari and sees bomb, gets shocked.


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