Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki coming to Kabir and frees his hands and unties him. Kabir says whatever you have done is wrong, you are hugging a stranger and says legally your relation is illegitimate. Thapki asks him to stop and says their relation is not illegitimate, and the one who is illegitimate here is him and his behavior. She says whatever she has done is because of Badi Dadi, and tells that she had heart attack twice. She says I can’t give her shock and that’s why did this drama. Kabir says I didn’t know all this else…Thapki says it is in your blood to play with others’ lives. Kabir says yes, but I play with someone who deserves it. He says he will win the challenge.

Thapki says Bihaan can’t lose as this house and family is his priority. Kabir says he has already lost

his wife and love, and now he will lose this house too, and very soon you will know who will stay in the house and who will not. Bihaan asks Vasu to bless her for his win. Vasu does his aarti and blesses him. Thapki comes there. Bihaan says I have a big strength with me, my mum’s blessings, so how can others win and looks at Thapki. Thapki is teary eyes. Vasu goes to Thapki and does her Tilak and Aarti surprising Bihaan. Bihaan says you are doing wrong. Vasu says you have forgotten to read eyes, but I am a mum and can see the truth. Bihaan says the day you will see her reality, you will repent. He goes.

Vasu says I am a mum and that’s why can see your pain. I want you to see the truth and make your pains go away from your life. She asks Thapki not to lose strength and says I will not let any third person come inbetween you and Bihaan. When I can target pistol on my son Dhruv, then I will not fall weak to shoot Kabir and Sankara. Thapki hugs her and says even though I am with Kabir in the challenge, but from heart I am with Bihaan. She says I wants him to win the challenge. Preeti shows sport shows to Suman and says you will wear this and play cricket.

Suman says how can I play cricket wearing this. Preeti says I have already got your name registered and asks her to get ready. Ashwin says I will make you understand the game. Suman says I will eat kachori first. Preeti says you will get sleep if you eat it, and asks her to have it after match. Ashwin says Preeti is right and asks her to support Bihaan. Suman agrees to eat it later, and goes. Preeti asks her to stop and breaks the coconut and does her aarti. They wish her all the best.

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Sankara thinks Mrs and Mr. Bihaan Pandey will win. She says Thapki couldn’t snatch her Bihaan from her. She says I will win Bihaan and this house from my other stuff, and plans to trap Thapki and Kabir. Sankara comes to Thapki’s room and ties the box in the cupboard. Thapki comes there and asks what you are doing here? Sankara says I came to meet you. Thapki asks why? Sankara says I thought to give you best wishes being Bihaan’s wife. Thapki says I hope you changes your thoughts soon, and says I hope you play clean. Thapki puts the hand on the iron set up by Sankara. Kabir comes there and offers to help. Thapki says I will not take your help. Sankara comes there and locks both in the cupboard. Kabir and Thapki ask her to open the cup board. Sankara says if you don’t reach there then how you will win the competition. She says she will win the competition and also Bihaan’s love. Everyone waits for Thapki and Kabir. Sankara comes out and says she must be with her husband and says she is our enemy. They might be together. Bihaan says we shall go.

Balwinder says we shall think about challenge only at this point. Everyone leave from there. Kabir says how dare you Sankara. Thapki tells Kabir that they both are same. Kabir says I am not like Sankara. Thapki tries to take her finger. Kabir helps her and frees her hand. Thapki cries. Kabir asks her to thank him. Thapki says I am trapped here because of you. They argue. Thapki’s hairs get entangled in his watch. Kabir looks at her and recalls their good moments and smiles. Thapki gets angry. Kabir says I will free your hairs. Thapki says I am trapped here with you. Kabir says even I don’t want to romance with you here. He asks if someone is here? Thapki says my Bihaan is truthful and will win today. Kabir gets angry.

Bihaan comes back home and calls Thapki. Kabir and Thapki continues to knock on the cupboard. Bihaan calls Thapki’s name and continues searching her.


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