Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Kosi scolding Preeti and Suman and asks why they have brought Thapki’s pic. She says Thapki is dead. Bihaan says Thapki is not dead, and that’s why we will not perform her barsi. Shraddha asks if she is alive then why she is not coming infront of us. Bihaan says very soon she will come in this house. Kosi gets angry and tries to tear pic from the photo frame, but Balwinder holds the frame. Vani/Thapki comes just then. Kosi changes her tone and asks Vani to come inside. Shraddha welcomes Vani and asks her to come. Vani asks so you have performed Thapki’s barsi. Shraddha says actually…Vani says I didn’t ask you, but asked Kosi instead. Kosi tells that they were about to perform barsi. Preeti throws water on her mistakenly. Shraddha scolds her for spoiling Vani’s costly dress. Thapki signs Shraddha to stop. Preeti apologizes. Thapki asks where is the washroom and goes with her assistant.

Sankara wears Thapki dupatta. Bihaan comes and sees her wearing Thapki’s dupatta, snatches it from her hand and asks how dare you to touch Thapki’s stuff. He asks her to tell if it is of Thapki. Sankara says yes. Bihaan warns her not to touch Thapki’s stuff again. Suman asks Sankara not to touch anything again. Vani/Thapki hears him. Bihaan comes to his room and keeps the dupatta in the cupboard. Thapki is outside the room. Bihaan comes out of room and goes. Thapki enters once he leaves from there, gets emotional seeing the room. She reminisces their happy moments, and gets teary eyes. Bihaan comes to room again and asks did she see the room? Vani/Thapki is shocked.


Bihaan says your room and every stuff here is same just as you left. He asks her to tell that she is not Thapki, but Vani, and asks her to tell that his heart is wrong. He says those people are wrong who is performing your barsi thinking you dead. Vani/ Thapki looks on tensed. Bihaan asks her to answer. Vani says I have seen relatives behaving the same way after their loved ones dies and leaves them. She asks him to remember that she is not his wife Thapki, but Vani Oberoi. Bihaan says I will never believe even if God tells me that you are not Thapki. He gets closer to her. Thapki asks him not to say it again.

Bihaan says I will tell many times that you are Thapki. Kosi comes and asks why you are troubling her, she is not Thapki. She asks Vani to come downstairs. She tells Bihaan that Thapki was delicate and used to cry even for small things, but Vani is strong headed person and a businesswoman. Bihaan is determine to make Vani speak her truth that she is Thapki only. Kosi gives file to Vani. Shraddha gives her pen. Vani writes T just as she is about to sign, then makes V with T and signs. Shraddha doubts and thinks if she is Thapki. Vani signs and asks Kosi to sign as well. Kosi signs happy.

Assistant asks Kosi to be honest with Vani. Shraddha talks in her favour. Vani asks her name and says your name should be lotha, who keeps on sliding to one place from another. She tells that she is opening restaurant soon. Kosi asks her to give deal to her only and calls her beta. Vani asks her never to call her beta again. She asks Assistant Surbhi to come. Shraddha tells Vani that she has misunderstood her and says she is honest and can take up the responsibility. Surbhi tells that Vani speaks to head only and tells her she will talk to boss only. Dadi comes, sees Vani and apologizes to her, saying she did bad with her. Kosi asks her to go. Preeti and Suman take her inside. Kosi apologizes to Vani. Surbhi says Vani have to attend an important meeting. Bihaan asks what is the hurry? He says today is Thapki’s barsi..when you are here, then attend her barsi. Kosi asks what you are saying? Bihaan says everyone will understand everything now. Vani looks on.

Thapki tells she will fulfill promise made to herself. She tells Kosi trapped her and Bihaan didn’t believe her even. She determines to take revenge from both of them.


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