Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th June 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan holding Thapki close. Everyone smile and look on. They all slip and are seen by Bihaan and Thapki. Bihaan and Thapki leave. Dadi says leave all this, we will think of something else. Vasundara smiles. Sanjay and Ashwin ask Bihaan why are you cleaning bike again, we will help. Bihaan is annoyed. They apologize and ask him to go to Thapki. Bihaan says so that you can spy again. Suman tells Thapki that we were not spying, but helping you. Thapki asks what help. Dadi says we were helping you and Bihaan. Bihaan says I don’t want any help. Sanjay asks him to go to Thapki. Thapki says no, I don’t want to go to Bihaan, I have to make Chinese for you all. Vasundara says leave it, don’t get annoyed with Bihaan because of us. Thapki says no, its not like that, I will make lunch. They all leave from kitchen. Dadi says now they are not wishing to talk about each other, I have an idea. Vasundara nods.

Thapki goes to call out everyone asking them to come, Chinese food is ready. Bihaan comes calling Sanjay and Ashwin to give them courier. He says I think they all got hidden again, this time they will be caught. He looks around to check. Thapki also checks around. He says there is no one. She asks where did they go. He says I don’t know. Vasundara calls him. He puts phone on speaker. Dadi calls him and says we took Ballu to temple, so that you both get some time alone. She ends call. Bihaan and Thapki look at each other. Bihaan asks her not to her tensed, I m your husband, I love you, I can hug you once right? She says Bihaan, stop, I …… He gets close. She falls down on the sofa and her hand starts the radio. They hear about RJ Rahul, the love guide, he will help lovers and get hearts close. RJ plays a romantic song yeh moh moh ke dhaage…………………

Bihaan and Thapki have an eyelock. She tries to go. He holds her hand and stops her. He tries to hug her. She runs. He runs after her. She moves back. He holds her against the wall. They sit while having an eyelock. He gets close. She closes her eyes. Bihaan gets more close to hug her. She gets hiccups and he gets away worriedly. She runs away. She says thank God, I got saved by excuse of hiccups. She takes water. He looks on. She drinks water. He understands she is making excuse and goes to her. He holds her and asks did you get hiccups. She says yes. He says you drank water. She says yes.


He says and your hiccups stopped. She says yes. He asks with water. She says yes. He says but your hiccups stop after having some food. She realizes and gets hiccups again. She says see, it did not stop by water, I was going to eat noodles. She gets noodles and says I will eat this. He says you think I m fool, you got fake hiccups and made excuse to run away. She says no, see I m really getting hiccups. He says leave this. She asks him not to get angry. He asks where did your hiccups go now. She says no, its still coming. He says leave this bowl. They try to snatch the bowl and all the noodles fall over Bihaan. She looks on shocked. He asks are you happy now, you have made me more angry, take these noodles, have this alone, I m going. He leaves.

Thapki says he got annoyed, how to explain my feelings to you Bihaan, what shall I do. She picks the noodles from the floor. Radio is still playing. She hears about Rj Rahul and says I will call love guide Rahul, I can get help from him. She calls Rahul. Shraddha goes to some shop and asks the man for cold drink. She says that God, I came here from temple, I will have cold drink here. She hears Thapki on the radio show. She asks the man to increase the volume. Thapki says my husband got annoyed and went somewhere, I want to apologize to him, can you play a song for him. He says yes, I will play a song and talk to you. She says fine. Shraddha hears this and says this stammering girl got courage to announce her romance on radio, now see Thapki, how I make your romance turn horrible, you will cry on radio, and all the world will hear it. Shraddha smiles.

Thapki apologizes to Bihaan by messaging him. she says sorry, I annoyed you, I will convince you by expressing my feelings via RJ Rahul’s show, my feelings will reach you. Bihaan is at tea stall and is angry. He gets Thapki’s message and smiles. He hugs his friend and says nothing happened, your Bhabhi is very nice, I will play radio on phone, its something special. Rahul says I know show will go on air in 2 mins, I m coming. Shraddha calls Rahul and he happens to be her good friend. She asks for a favor. He says I m on break, hurry up. She says I know, you were talking to Thapki, you kept her on hold. He says yes, why. She says I will tell you what to do with Thapki. He says fine, tell me. She tells her plan. Thapki smiles…………..

Rahul asks Thapki to sing a song for their listeners. Thapki stammers. He makes fun of her stammering, and says we need patience and time to hear you, your husband may really love you a lot, that’s why he is not seeing your weakness. Bihaan, and entire family hear this on radio and get shocked.

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