Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv telling Thapki that they don’t forget the humanity even though guest can be stone hearted, and says one day they have to go. He asks Bihaan to take care. Thapki cries. Shraddha is on the road and thinks tyre is punctured at wrong time. Thapki comes and lights the fire around her. Shraddha is shocked and gets angry. Thapki walks inside the fire. Shraddha asks how dare you to do this? Thapki says just as you dare to stabbed my Bihaan. Shraddha is shocked. Thapki asks if she is shocked and wondering how she caught clever Shraddha’s theft.

She says thief is caught even if he/she is clever, but leaves a proof. She says you have accepted with your mouth that Bihaan is stabbed. Shraddha realizes her mistake. Thapki says we didn’t tell that he is stabbed, and asks

how do you know? Shraddha accepts that she had stabbed Bihaan and asks what you can do? Thapki warns her and says if you harm Bihaan then I will not leave you. Shraddha says I want to kill you and not Bihaan. She threatens her not to make Bihaan remember his past and says Bihaan will be hanged and reminds her of the letter. She points finger towards Thapki warning her. Thapki puts her finger down and tells that Bihaan is her life and she was away from him for 7 years and can do anything to save his life. She says if Sankara or you try to harm him, then this circled fire will be small in which you can’t stand or walk. She says this fire is of our love, and says if you try to blow it off then you will be burn. Thapki goes. Shraddha says you will be burned and says I can do anything to keep hold on my rights and says old Shraddha wouldn’t have done this, but I have kept everyone in my control.

Bihaan tries to wear shirt. Thapki comes and helps him in wearing shirt. Tere Liye music plays…….. She recalls their past moments. Bihaan thinks what happens to me on seeing her, she is Bani’s mummy and what I am feeling is wrong. He thanks her. Thapki says I shall thank you for saving me from goons. Tina comes there with Bani and asks Bihaan about his injury. Bihaan says he is fine. Thapki says I was about to get hurt, but he saved me being brave. Tina asks did you bring doll for me. Bihaan says I forgot and says sorry. Tina gets upset and says she will not talk to him. Bihaan promises her that he will bring next time and asks what she wants? Tina says she will tell later.

Bihaan tells Thapki that he stopped her from telling truth to Tina as she can’t bear his pain. Thapki says I understand and says we are same.

Bani and Tina talk to each other and tells that they will become sisters if they respect parent marry each other. Shraddha hears them and says Thapki’s daughter are one step ahead and wants to make happy family. She says Bihaan and thapki can’t unite until I am here. Suman tells Thapki that she is making kacche aam ka acchar and goes to keep the green mangoes in kitchen. Thapki recalls Bihaan romancing her while she was making acchar. Thapki laughs as she makes excuse and scares Bihaan. Bihaan smiles and runs around her. He asks her never to go far away from him. Fb ends. Thapki thinks I will never go from you and will make you remember everything, then we will stay like before.

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Tina is in her room. Shraddha comes to her. Tina gets scared. Shraddha says I haven’t come here to scare you and makes her sit on her lap. She hurts her and asks her to smile. Tina cries. Shraddha says I want to ask you something, you likes Thapki so much, and says if we make her your mamma. Tina says even I want. Shraddha says really, and says you will be happy to get her and says we shall go to your Papa and tell him. She then stops and says we shall tell your papa that you likes Thapki and says what to do to tell him everything. She asks her to write letter to Bihaan. Tina likes her idea. Shraddha gives her paper and pen and asks her to write. She says your aunty is not that bad and says I will make your betterment. Tina likes the letter. Shraddha says we will read it infront of everyone. Thapki dries her clothes and thinks she will ask for his support and make him remember everything.

Thapki asks Bihaan not to marry Sankara. Tina comes and says Sankara is my mum, marry her only. Bihaan says if you want then I will marry her only. Thapki is shocked.


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