Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki and Kabir coming home after their marriage. Sankara stops them and does their aarti. She says they didn’t give her any work to do for their marriage arrangements, but she has decorated their room for their wedding night. Thapki and Kabir looks at each other shockingly. Sankara asks why you both are so surprised. Won’t you have suhaag raat as you are married now. She says I will take you to your room. Bihaan tells Vasu that his heart can’t believe that Thapki can do such a wrong thing and says he will stop her. Vasu says when things are out of control, we should leave it to God. Bihaan says God made our jodi and says now he don’t trust on anybody. Sankara brings them to room and shows the decorations, saying anyone will want to love seeing this deco, and asks Kabir to give nek. Kabir says anything what you want?Sankara congratulates Thapki and asks her to lock the room well. Thapki closes the door on Bihaan’s face. Bihaan is shocked.

Thapki cries and tells Kabir that even though their marriage is fake, but all these rasams are real. She tells him that God will never forgive her and cries thinking about Bihaan’s pain. Kabir tells her that it is just their act and she should he happy. A fb is shown. Kabir asks Thapki to marry him and tells that they will act to be married in front of Bihaan, and asks her to think about him as he have to go. Thapki cries. They go to temple. Thapki wears mangalsutra by herself and tells Pandit ji that their marriage is fake. Fb ends. Kabir asks her why she is so worried when the marriage is fake, he says we didn’t take 7 pheras, but just one last phera. He says your revenge will be fulfilled now, this is what you wanted, you wanted to hurt Bihaan. He says Bihaan will burn in fire now every day. He talks bad about Bihaan. Thapki gets hurt hearing him.

Thapki tells Kabir that she will expose Kosi Devi as she is the one who instigated Bihaan against her. She asks Kabir to help her. Kabir says I am here because of you and is ready to do anything. Thapki thanks him. Vasu thinks she couldn’t stop Thapki from marrying Kabir. She says I could just see and not stop the wedding. Balwinder comes and asks Vasu, why she is worrying? Vasu says she is worried about Thapki and Bihaan. She then says that she is talking about Vani, as she was about to marry Bihaan. Balwinder says she is just a guest and says they have to convince Bihaan to marry Sankara.

Dhruv meets Thapki and says he is scared thinking she will repent on her decision. Thapki says she has done right and says she will never repent. Dhruv says he will not support her as she is wrong and goes. Thapki thinks she has hidden her fake marriage truth with him, as she don’t want her sister Aditi’s life to be ruined in any way.

In the morning, Kabir tells Thapki that he made badaam ka halwa for his first rasoi as he is in his sasural. He makes Thapki taste it. Bihaan looks upset. Thapki tastes it and nods it is good. Kabir says Aditi helped me in making it. Bihaan is leaving. Vasu stops him and asks him to have food. Bihaan refuses. Kosi tells Bihaan that she will also not eat if he doesn’t eat. Bihaan sits down. Kosi thinks Vani has ruined everything. Sankara tells Vani and Kabir’s Jodi are looking good, suhaag and suhaagan. She asks Bihaan to make her his full bride and asks him to make her wear mangalsutra and fill sindoor in her maang. Bihaan refuses to accept her as his wife and says I will die but not accept you as my wife. Sankara says you said that you will accept me if Vani gets marries. Bihaan says I lied to you, we can’t have any relation even if world change. Thapki stops him and says you had betrayed Thapki and now you are betraying Sankara. She says I am married now and completed the challenge. Now it is your turn to accept Sankara.

Thapki tells Kabir that Chacha is ready to give statement. Kosi reads the message on the mirror asking her to meet at a mountain temple.


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