Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara sitting in the garden area wearing clothes like Thapki. Bihaan comes there. Thapki comes to Vasu and asks if you called me. Vasu says no and asks her to go to Bihaan. Sankara thinks it is good that Shraddha asked me to sit here like Thapki. She acts to falls down and thinks Bihaan will hold her, but Bihaan don’t hold her, she falls down and scolds Bihaan for not holding her. She tells him that he held her last time and stopped her from falling down. Bihaan says he doesn’t remember. Sankara thinks that Shraddha asked her to act like Thapki. Thapki comes there. Bihaan collides with her and holds her hand and stops her from falling down. They have a romantic moment….Ranjhana plays……………..Bihaan apologizes to her. Sankara is irked. Thapki tells him indirectly

that they are connected with hearts. Bihaan thinks he didn’t save Sankara, but saved Thapki from falling down.

Sankara calls everyone in the hall. Bihaan asks what happened? Sankara tells him that she was hopeful that one day he will accept her as his wife and she has been duty wife’s duty and taking care of him and his daughter. She says you are romancing with a stranger guest infront of me. Bihaan says it is not like that. Sankara asks him to marry her and make her wear mangalsutra. She says if you don’t marry me then I will leave you and this house now itself.

Bihaan says you have taken care of me and Tina, but I have never seen you with that sight. Suman says you can’t blackmail Bihaan like this. Sankara acts to cries and says I will not stay in this house, and will leave the house. She tells that she is leaving and will not stop even if anyone stops her. Bihaan asks her to stop. Sankara smiles and turns towards him. Bihaan says I don’t want you to go, but if you want to go then reach village and call me. Sankara lie down on the ground and says my dead body will call you. She gets up and is about to go, but Shraddha comes and stops her.

Sankara says I can stop for 2 mins for you. Shraddha reminds Bihaan of his promise and says you have promised Tina that you will agree to her sayings. Bihaan says yes, she didn’t ask anything. Shraddha says she will ask today. She asks Tina to read the letter. Tina reads the letter which she has written thinking about Thapki. Thapki gets emotional and understands she is talking about her. Tina says she makes me eat her favorite aam papad. She says she is the mummy of my dreams and I want her to make my real mum. She says she is Sankara Maa….Everyone is shocked. Sankara smiles. Shraddha smirks. Bani cries.

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Tina cries recalling writing the letter and then Shraddha writing Sankara’s name. She hurts Tina and says you will get mum which I select. Sankara acts to love Tina and says you are my life and soul. She hugs her forcibly and hugs her. She pinches her and threatens her, asking her to tell Bihaan to marry her. She then tells Bihaan that Tina wants to say him something. Bihaan asks did you write this? He says you have never said that you……..

He says I can do anything for my sweet daughter. Tina stammers. Shraddha pats on her back and threatens her with her eyes. Bihaan asks did you really want to make Sankara as your maa. Tina says yes, I really want and asks him to marry Sankara. Thapki, Bani and Vasu are in shock. Bani asks what you are saying? She says how can you take Sankara aunty and why you are doing wrong? Thapki asks Bani to come to her. Bani says no and says she is a cheater. Vasu tells Tina, how can Sankara be your mum. Shraddha says she is a kid and have a clean heart, if she is seeing Sankara as her mum, then we shall not refuse. She says Sankara have brought her up and took care of Bihaan and Tina. If Bihaan marries her then what is the problem? Bihaan says I will fulfill my promise, if you want then I will marry Sankara. Thapki cries and is shocked. Shraddha smiles evilly.

Shraddha threatens Tina and scares her saying she will cut her tongue with scissor if she takes Thapki’s name. Thapki comes there.


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