Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that she is not Thapki and she will prove her identity. She picks the glass of wine and says cheers. She drinks it in one go shocking Bihaan. She then asks Surbhi to go. Preeti and Suman talk to each other about Vani showing real place to Shraddha. Shraddha comes and gives silver bangles to them, asks them to wear it else she will throw them out of house. They leave. Shraddha thinks Vani Oberoi doesn’t know her and thinks her fool. She will know very soon. Thapki vomits the wine which she drank, and promises her baby that she can go to any length to take her revenge from Bihaan. She says she will punish Bihaan for his crimes and falls asleep. Shraddha thinks what do she think about herself being rich but ugly. She thinks now I will show what I can do. She calls on the number given by Thapki and says she wants to get zari removed from a saree.

Thapki gets a call from Zari designer informing her about Shraddha’s call. Thapki says it means Shraddha showed her true color and now I have to do my work. She gets call from Kosi, who invites her to have food. Thapki says okay, I will come and will talk about our new hotel. Kosi says she will make delicious food. Thapki asks her to wear saree gifted by her. Kosi agrees and says she will get ready in that saree.

Thapki comes to Bihaan’s house. Kosi shows the saree and says I have worn saree given by you. Thapki smiles. Kosi says am I not looking good? Thapki says I am not laughing on you and asks if this is the same saree which I had given you. She says I gave real gold zari work, but this is fake. Kosi says this is the same saree which you have given me. Thapki says she don’t do deal with fraud people and cancels the deal. Kosi says Shraddha kept the saree in almari that day, and today I have worn it. Thapki says you mean Shraddha got it removed. Kosi shouts and calls Shraddha. She asks Shraddha did you got zari work removed from saree. Shraddha is silent.


Kosi slaps her and scolds her. Just then someone comes and delivers other saree. Shraddha tells Kosi that she would have asked her before slapping her, and says she got zari work applied on the other color saree which is of Kosi’s favorite. She tells that Kosi doesn’t like the color of the saree which Vani gave and that’s why she got the design applied on her favorite color saree. She says she is not greedy and can sacrifice anything for her happiness. Kosi apologizes to her.

Shraddha acts emotional and says I am standing here in this house because of you, else these people would have thrown me out of house after my divorce with Dhruv. Kosi also gets emotional. She tells Shraddha that Vani made her doubt on you. Shraddha tells that Vani is the one who want them to get separated, and that’s why did this conspiracy. Thapki gets tensed and thinks her plan back fired on her. She stammers silently and thinks about the dialogues which she have to say. She tells them that they have passed in her test, and tells Kosi about her new hotel. Shraddha tells that they will never separate. Kosi goes to bring snacks. Thapki thinks it is not easy to separate them, but I have to fulfill the promise made to my child.

Kosi invites Vani/Thapki for the jagrata. Bihaan asks Thapki and Surbhi to come and stay in his house for few days. He thinks he will force her and then she will tell the truth. He then applies Tilak on Thapki’s head.


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