Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan telling Suman and Preeti that he is trying to win in the competition not for him, but for them. He says I can sleep even in cow shed and says he wants house for them. He says it is not our house, but our temple etc. Preeti and Suman feel ashamed and apologizes to him for betraying him. They say that they will play the game and win the awesome home. Bihaan asks how to believe you. Suman and Preeti return the money. Bihaan says now we will win. Thapki comes there. Bihaan says it was good that my mum told me about this cheating and conspiracy of you and your husband, and says now I will play and win too. Thapki thinks she told Vasu about it, to make him win. She says you have to win under any circumstances. Suman and Preeti comes back on cricket field again.

Vasu says they are looking energetic now and says their enthusiasm is for good. She says lets begins Thapki Pyaar ki. The game starts again. Dhruv plays cricket and gets out after a while by Suman and Preeti. Thapki goes to Kabir and says shame on you for cheating with Bihaan. Vasu comments that it seems Thapki and Kabir have a heated argument. Kabir gets upset with Thapki and says I am not bad, but Bihaan is bad who had ruined my sister’s life. I will make him and his family without home. Thapki’s team makes 100 runs. Vasu says Kabir can’t play alone and it seems their turn will stop here, but just then Thapki comes there wearing safety helmet, and is ready to play. Kabir asks are you sure that you can play. Thapki says I am fine and is not a cheater like you. I will play with honesty and says him all the best. Vasu says Thapki said that she is fine and will play the game, lets see if love wins or not.

Bihaan throws ball while Thapki hits 4’s and 6’s runs. Chale Chalo Song plays……………..Sankara gets the ball and looks at Thapki. Vasu comments that it is interesting to see if Thapki makes 50 runs. Sankara cuts the ball and puts bomb in it, says now you can’t make 5 runs. She says when your bat hits the ball, then this ball will explode and you will die. Nobody can snatch my Bihaan from me. She comes back and gives ball to Bihaan. Bihaan throws the ball.

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Thapki hits the ball with her bat and the bomb inside ball explodes. Thapki is shocked and falls. Bihaan and everyone run towards her. Thapki tells him that her hand is numb…Bihaan rubs her hands. People gossip that first husband is showering love and concern and new husband is standing far. Sankara says Thapki is out. Empire says she is out. Vasu says Thapki’s team made 200 runs, and your ream have to make 201 runs. Sankara says she will win only, means Bihaan. Shraddha comes to Aditi and throws ball near her to scare her. She says when I can clean bolt your husband, then I can do anything to you. Dhruv comes and throws ball near her scaring her. He asks her to stay away from Aditi. He shows concern towards Aditi.

Bihaan recalls his concern for Thapki and gets sad. Sankara brings the bat and says they will make more than 200 runs. Bihaan says we will win this match and nobody can snatch my Thapki from me. Sankara tells this house is yours, and Thapki is someone else wife, how can you snatch someone else wife. Bihaan goes. Thapki stumbles and is about to fall, Kabir holds her hand. Thapki thinks Bihaan is there, but seeing Kabir, she asks him not to come near her. Kabir looks at her. Thapki tries to apply ointment on her hand. She then tries to bandage her hand. Kabir asks her to let him do her bandage. He praises her for playing well. Thapki says she can’t cheat like him and says Bihaan will win tomorrow. Kabir asks if she will not thank him. Thapki is silent. Kabir says you have become arrogant like Bihaan. Thapki asks him not to utter anything wrong about Bihaan. She looks at the tracker in her phone and thinks she will find it today.

Kabir meets Neha and keys fall from her pocket. Neha opens chain tied to her hand and follows him. She comes to Pandey house. Kabir turns and looks back, but couldn’t see Neha. Neha sees a flower and smiles.


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