Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki recalling Balwinder’s words that she is not Thapki, else she would have never done this with them. She gets teary eyes and tells that she is not innocent Thapki, but Vani oberoi, who wants to take revenge from all of them. She tells that Bihaan and everyone forced her to become Vani oberoi.


Just then Bihaan comes and knocks on the door. Thapki gets tensed as she is standing without her artificial teeth, she then uses tooth brush and keeps in her mouth. Bihaan enters and looks at her. Vani is still keeping brush inside her mouth. Bihaan looks at her surprisingly, and goes. He thinks even after you have changed your avatar, but I can read your eyes. He thinks to do something big to make her confess her identity. Shraddha is pressing Kosi’s feet. Kosi tells Shraddha that the room was very big like a palace. Shraddha tells about five star hotel and its ambience.

Thapki comes there and says I thought you to give you something in return, as you are doing so much for us. She takes money from cover. Kosi says it is not needed. Shraddha asks her to accept it. Kosi accepts it and asks Shraddha to keep in locker. Shraddha tells that locker is not opening. Kosi types the pin and opens locker. Shraddha keeps the money. Thapki sees property papers in it and thinks Bihaan have transferred property on his name. She hears Bihaan talking to someone and telling that he can’t come to take care of Thapki’s father. He says until when I will take care of her father. Thapki hears him and runs out of house in a hurry. Suman stops her, but she goes. Bihaan thinks I knew that you will run after hearing this news and thinks until when you will hide this fact from me. Thapki gets down her car and thinks she has always prayed for them even though she was away from them since 2 years. She thinks I couldn’t stop myself today. She comes to the lane, recalling her parents’ love and care towards her. She stands outside her parents’ home and looks on.


Bihaan comes on his bike and sees Thapki’s car parked nearby to her parents’ house. He thinks I will see how you will save your identity now from me. She is about to get inside, just then someone comes and holds her hand. He takes her to side and hide with her. Bihaan comes to that area looking for Thapki and looks for her. Thapki is hiding in the opposite house. Bihaan thinks she came here, but where did she went. He leaves. Thapki comes out from that house, sees Bihaan leaving on his bike. That man comes out from the house, and asks what you are doing here. Thapki looks at him. His face is revealed and he is Dhruv. She says my papa is unwell and that’s why I came to meet him. She sees the door locked. Dhruv tells Thapki that Diwakar and Aarti got divorced, and they left the city and settled down in foreign. Thapki is shocked and says they didn’t have that much money to go there. Dhruv says I didn’t know that, just now that they went from here. Thapki asks why did you hide this from me. Dhruv says so that you don’t get emotionally weak. Thapki says Bihaan got the call.

Dhruv says he came here just to catch you red handed. Thapki thanks him for becoming her mentor since 2 years and guiding her in every step. She says you have hired Surbhi also to support me. Dhruv gets teary eyes and says he is just doing penance for his sins, and is thankful to her as she allowed him to help her. Thapki says I am alive and is now taking revenge from them, is all because of you. Dhruv says I am also responsible somewhere for your condition and God gave me a chance to help you when I found you after your accident. He says if Bihaan would have seen you here then? Thapki says I fall weak infront of him.

Dhruv says you have to face him and asks her to be strong. He says we have to think about something to deal with this weakness. Thapki says there is one way, and asks him to come with her to Pandey Nivas. Dhruv refuses and says if I go there, then my past will come infront of me. He asks her not to worry and says I am far from you, but near. Don’t love strength and remember the promise made to your child. He says Navratri is going to come, and God will give you strength. Thapki wears specs again and leaves. Dhruv turns and looks on.

Preeti takes selfie. Shraddha scolds her for not working properly and asks about the arrangements. Preeto says I am just supervising them as I can’t high jump and work. Shraddha asks her to make arrangements by herself and jumps high. Kosi smiles. Vani comes home. Kosi asks where is she? And says I called on your number. Shraddha asks where did you go? Bihaan comes and says I will tell you. Thapki gets tensed. Bihaan says she went to Thapki’s old house to meet her parents….yes Vani ji. He says now we can call you Thapki as your truth is revealed to everyone now. Thapki is shocked.

Bihaan calls Aditi there and says this is your sister Thapki’s house. Aditi comes inside and looks at Thapki/Vani. She is shocked. Thapki gets emotional.


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