Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki tearing the letter and gives chip to Shraddha. Shraddha says now cuts the chip with scissor and tells that you can’t blackmail me now. Thapki says you can’t blackmail me, but I can blackmail you even now. She shows the other chip and says she has another recording as she knows they can do anything to blackmail her again. She says Bihaan was hers and will always be hers only. Sankara collides with her and asks if she is shattered with her marriage. Thapki says it will be last day for you in the house. Sankara looks on. Dhruv comes to storeroom to search his file. Thapki comes there and says she knows that he don’t want Sankara to marry Bihaan and asks him to see the proof which will change his perception about her. Dhruv checks the recording. Sankara and Shraddha

come there. Thapki is shocked as the recording is something else. Dhruv sees Thapki threatening Shraddha in the video and telling that Bihaan is hers and she will not let Sankara marry him. Thapki is shocked. Sankara recalls recording Thapki and Shraddha’s conversation and colliding with Thapki intentionally and changing the memory card/chip cleverly. She smirks looking at Shraddha.

Thapki asks Dhruv to show the video and says this is not the video which I want to show you. Sankara pretends to cry and says I haven’t seen cunning woman like her before. Shraddha says she left Bihaan and eloped with her lover Kabir and enjoyed. Now she came back and don’t want Bihaan to marry Kabir. Thapki tells Dhruv that they are giving fake medicine to Bihaan and are responsible for his condition. Dhruv doesn’t believe her and tells her he trusted her, but she betrayed him and everyone. He says they have brought up good and took care of Bihaan and he is alive because of her. Vasu comes and says Thapki is betrayed by them and says they have been troubling Thapki a lot. Dhruv doesn’t believe Vasu and says she has used me, Bihaan and then with Kabir. He says I won’t bear if she stays after Bihaan’s marriage. He asks her not to dare and stop the marriage. Shraddha claps and says you both are a good actresses. She says I didn’t know that saas and bahu are same. She tells that the letter was useless, but now the weapon against her is big….Dhruv and his hatred. She says she will use Dhruv and will kick her out. She says if this budiya/old woman supports you then I will kick her out also. Vasu shouts Shraddha. Shraddha asks her to shut up.

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Shraddha illtreats Vasu and threatens to cut her finger. Thapki asks how dare you and raise her hand to slap her. Shraddha holds her hand and asks her to see Sankara and Bihaan getting married, and leave with her daughter. Thapki says Sankara and Bihaan can’t unite as Thapki and Bihaan have never separated. She gives her open challenge and says you can do whatever you can, but I won’t let Sankara and Bihaan marry.

Later in the inhouse temple, Sankara and Thapki are doing aarti. Sankara tells Thapki that she can do puja, but will not get Bihaan as he is hers now. She says Bihaan will apply puja tika and will burn holika with her in the night and says you can just stand and see. She asks her to answer. Thapki says my God will answer you from my side. Sankara says I will show you and your God, Bihaan belongs to whom. She calls Bihaan and asks him to apply shagun Tika on her. Thapki is sitting and praying there. Bihaan looks at Thapki. Sankara says I am your to be wife, why you are thinking. Bihaan opens the sindoor bottle to apply tika on Sankara’s forehead, but he gets flashes of his marriage with Thapki. The sindoor falls on Thapki filling her maang. God is shown. Thapki opens her eyes and feels the sindoor. Bihaan is shocked. He apologizes to her, and says his hand got burn and sindoor fell down on her. Thapki says even God wanted that you apply tika on my forehead. Sankara is shocked. She comes to Shraddha and tells herself that Bihaan and Thapki will get married and then she will be sent to village and then she will have to stay with cows. She asks Shraddha to help her. Shraddha asks what happened to her. Sankara says Thapki….Shraddha says she has challenged me, but she will not succeed. She promises to unite her with Bihaan and says Thapki will not do anything as she will not reach puja.

Thapki drinks something and faints. Shraddha smiles and holds her.


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