Tu Aashiqui 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ahaan meets Pankti at the pub only on ATechSky.com

The Episode starts with Ahaan and Vikram not seeing JD. Pankti encourages the waitress. JD hears her and gets angry. Manager asks

any problem. JD looks at him and goes. Manager asks Pankti to pay the bill. Pankti says JD will pay. Manager says he left, don’t act that he was going to pay bill. She cries. She sees the huge bill. He insults her. She calls JD. He gets her call. He says I know my work, sorry and leaves.

Ahaan looks around. Vikram asks what happened. Ahaan says I m getting a feeling that Pankti is around. Richa asks Pankti. Vikram says his radar system is solid, do you feel the same. Richa jokes.

Ahaan makes a smiley on a plate. Manager scolds Pankti. She says she has no money. He asks her to wash utensils. He goes and calls JD. He says your work is done. Pankti goes to

wash utensils. Ahaan goes on stage to sing and says I will wish my voice reaches the girl for whom I m singing this. Ahaan sings Jaanejaan…. She sees the smiley on plate and smiles. Waitress stops Pankti and gives her money, asking her to put this money on bin, its junk, I was going to donate this, you need this. Pankti says it means he was wrong, emotions can’t be bought, thanks.

Pankti goes out to pay bill. She sees Ahaan singing. She stumbles. Ahaan sees her. He stops her and reminds they met. She pushes her and asks him to stay away. He asks but why. She says I don’t want to talk to you, get away. She leaves. He runs after her. Vikram stops her and says leave her, she is freaking out. Ahaan asks why is she scared.

Manager says she has come here for the first time, enjoy party. Richa says is this same Pankti, why don’t I remember. Pankti walks on road and cries thinking of JD’s words. It starts raining. Few guys tease her. They hear police siren and leave. She falls down and cries. She comes home. JD smiles and taunts her.
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JD takes her. He says Anita didn’t teach you basic manners, look at me, there is no forcing in this deal, my need and your helplessness, I will not bear any cheat. He scolds her. He asks her not to cheat him, its been one year of this arrangement, and he just got her annoyance and fear, its enough now, he likes her. He says you are just mine, you won’t rebel, if you try to cheat me then you know what will happen, I will kill you. He dries her hair. He says I will kill even your family.

Richa says Pankti was my class mate. She invites pankti. Ahaan meets Pankti.


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