Tu Aashiqui 21st September 2017 Written Episode

Tu Aashiqui 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update: Pankti rebels and falls ill only on ATechSky.com

The Episode starts with JD getting the media attention. Ahaan stays with him in the music launch. JD launches the new album. Manav praises JD. JD asks a famous singer to present a hit song. The singer sings…. Ahaan imagines himself on the stage. Is kadar pyaar hai tumse…..plays….Everyone claps for the singer. Ahaan recalls the taunts. Aparna sees Ahaan. His friend asks him not to worry, they have a meeting with music director Adarsh. Ahaan says this singer is nice, never underestimate any artist, value him. Media asks Ahaan about his jail trip, his dad didn’t bail him out, does he have any licensed gun. Ahaan leaves from there. Aparna goes to him and cheers Ahaan by her talk. Ahaan gets sad and asks did my career end, will my time really get over, none believes in my talent.

Aparna asks him what happened to him, she believes him and one day entire industry will believe his talent, Lord gives music talent to few people. He says my attitude reaches everywhere before me. She says you will have attitude as you are good looking, talented, a good singer.

He says everyone says I get angry, I m feeling bad and angry that my family gave a chance to new singer instead me. She says calm down, whatever is happening, someone will come in your life and inspire you, don’t say this is my prediction, this is my heart call, maybe you already got her. Ahaan thinks of Pankti, and says I got her, but she was not available. She says when that girl comes, she will inspire you and make you very famous.

Pankti wakes up and goes out of her room calling her mum. Her mum gets ready and stays busy in boasting her looks. Pankti comes there. Her mum says maybe your sleep got over, come and see the jewelry I bought, money is such a nice thing, we can buy anything, beauty, color, young age, adornment, I love this jewelry, can anyone carry jewelry like me. Pankti says no.

Her mum asks why did my movies not work, maybe that times’ people taste were different. Pankti says yes, I have seen, but please see me once. Her mum asks why, you look fine. Her sister says she has high fever. Her mum worries and asks how did you get fever, you have to take care, go and call doctor, Pankti can’t get ill. Doctor checks Pankti. Her mum asks him to make Pankti fine by numerous injections. Pankti gets shocked and goes. Her mum scolds her and says I care for Jayant’s evening, he has given all this money, before he comes, you have to get fine. Pankti cries. Purva takes her. Pankti cries and asks doctor to give her numerous injections. He says don’t know when will your prince come to save you. He pities Pankti.

Aparna feeds curd sugar to Ahaan. His sister comes and pulls his leg. She says you will come back without finding any work. Aparna says don’t say negative. She asks him to come and take Mata blessing. She asks him what happened. She sees his wound and asks him about it. He says there is no pain. She teases him. He recalls Pankti. He says I have to meet Adarsh, love you, and goes. She says I have told you, someone will come in your life.
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Purva asks Pankti are you mad. Pankti says mum can’t beat me, this is her shop, my fever is gone, I have to go and buy books, I will read something to give peace to your heart. She reads poetry. Purva allows her to go. Pankti says I wish something happens that I don’t see JD’s face. She goes. Purva thinks mum has sold us, she should have protected us. Ahaan reaches the mall and takes selfie with some kids. Adarsh comes there. Pankti buys some books. She writes some poetry. She recalls her mum’s words. She gets chocolate icecream and eats it, to fall ill. Ahaan looks for Adarsh. A reporter faints. Ahaan asks someone to please help. No one helps. Ahaan asks his friend Uday to help. They take him. Ahaan says my career is not imp than someone’s life. Pankti eats lots of icecreams. Ahaan takes the guy to the hospital and donates blood as well. Pankti is also there, lying on the next cot. Ahaan sees her and smiles. He sits near her.

Ahaan saves Pankti from the guards. They beat him and take Pankti away.


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