Tu Aashiqui 26th September 2017 Written Episode

Tu Aashiqui 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Ahaan composes a song only on ATechsky.com

The Episode starts with JD staring at Pankti and complimenting her. Pankti’s mum takes her to the room. Ahaan thinks of Pankti and sings Dhundhe dil tujhe Kitni martaba…. har dafah…..He tells Uday that the time has come, this song will be much of that girl, I will compose it, but words will be hers, I feel her sorrow is linked to me, I was trying to make a song and just thought of people’s words, but now when she came, everything happened, I was doing a mistake and trying to make music by mind, see how I make songs by heart, start finding work. He runs upstairs. Uday says I also want this, you get your destination.

Pankti thinks of Purvi’s words and recalls Ahaan. He continues singing. Pankti self encourages herself. Purvi says one day your hero will come and give you a
reason to laugh. Pankti says Ranbir Kapoor is right for you, he talks less like you, I know you like him. Purvi says when anyone hears us, they will not know what’s the difference between us and other girls. Pankti says none will hear this, mum said if any guy comes in my life, I will be responsible for his death. Purvi says I wish some guy comes in your life and teaches you love.

Ahaan records the song. The music director taunts him to be a one time wonder. He gives another chance to Ahaan. Manav comes to JD. JD asks do you want to say something. Manav tells about the land deal to secure family. JD says good. Manav says signing deal will be easy if any loan is sanctioned. JD says its your company, but Manav there is no funds. Manav says we have sufficient funds, this deal won’t affect business. JD asks do you think I m lying to you, are Aparna, Kaira and Ahaan nothing to me, Ahaan loves me more than you, I learnt something about you, so my heart broke, you don’t trust me, why do you have tension to secure future when I m there. He asks him to trust Ahaan, he is going to start his career again, he will be glad if he gets your support. Ahaan sings again. Music director doesn’t like the song and asks him to learn singing. Ahaan gets angry. Ahaan leaves and tells Uday that he doesn’t know diplomacy, but he knows music, someone is there who has caged me, so my career got ruined even last time. Uday asks who can it be.

The director informs JD that Ahaan is trying to start his music career. JD says you know what to do. Manav asks what happened. JD says nothing, its an old case, don’t worry. Pankti tells her mum that she will get a book and come in 5 mins. She asks the guards to stay there. She goes to book shop. Ahaan is also there. He senses her and turns to see. He sees Pankti. She buys a book. She collides with him. She leaves. Ahaan asks about her info from counter. He reads Ms Pankti sharma. He gets glad knowing she is unmarried. He smiles and recalls her.
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Guard beats up someone. Ahaan comes there. Inspector tells JD about the guy and sends CCTV footage. JD sees Ahaan.


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