Tu Aashiqui 27th September 2017 Written Episode

Tu Aashiqui 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Ahaan draws inspiration from Pankti only on ATechSky.com

The Episode starts with ahaan looking for Pankti. The guards beat up the men. JD hears the sound. Pankti asks her mum to stop the guards, they will die. Her mum says let them pay price for touching you. Pankti says they will really die, stop the guards. Ahaan comes there and sees Pankti getting scared seeing the fight. Pankti gets shocked seeing the guys and cries. Her mum drags her and they leave. Ahaan runs to see her. Ahaan goes to help the injured guys. He asks them about Pankti Sharma, who was she, why did she had security with her. The guy says I don’t know. Ahaan says anyone would be knowing. Inspector tells JD that he is sending him the CCTV footage. JD thinks who is that guy who knows Pankti’s name. He gets a call and answers.

He doesn’t see Ahaan in footage and talks to Sheetal. Sheetal tells Aparna that she is helping them as its her money also, she has supported JD also. Aparna takes the jewelry. JD comes home and sees them shopping jewelry. Aparna buys some little jewelry. Ahaan comes home. JD recalls Ahaan starting his music career again. He says if we help Ahaan, how will he get confidence, I know he will never need anyone’s help, one day we will need his help. He jokes on Manav for getting old, Ahaan feels free with me as we are from one generation. Ahaan smiles.

Ahaan tells Aparna about the girl’s name, she is Miss Pankti Sharma, someone misbehaved with her, but her guards have beaten them badly, Aparna says that should happen with people behaving bad. She asks Ahaan why did he take interior decoration book. She asks why did he get this windchime. He says its not mine and recalls Pankti. He says I got inspiration from this, it belongs to Pankti, see how I write lines now. He leaves. Pankti recalls Ahaan.
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She checks the book. She reads and recalls her mum’s words. She imagines herself as a free bird. Her imagination ends and she gets sad. Ahaan sings the song Chahat meri…… She smiles reading the book. He sees Pankti. She thinks of Ahaan and gets worried. She keeps the book away.

JD drags Pankti out and threatens. Pankti asks for freedom. Ahaan announces his concert.


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