Tu Aashiqui 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update: JD tortures Pankti only on ATechSky.com

The Episode starts with Pankti seeing Ahaan. She leaves. Ahaan gets a call from Vikram, who jokes that Ahaan is under arrest for not inviting him in his concert. Ahaan asks where are you. Vikram says I m India, if we went together, what would mum and aunty say. Ahaan and Vikram say Karan Arjun lines and smile. Ahaan gets happy. He sees Pankti’s dupatta. Vikram reaches home. Anita and Pankti are on the way. Anita asks her not to take anything along. Pankti says I could see something well, I could feel the taste of food and sit in peace.

Anita says you could give an answer too, leave your courage and memories here. Pankti asks how can anyone leave memories. Anita gives example of a parrot and tells her that she has to live as someone cares for her. Pankti says you don’t care for me, you would
have asked me how I got hurt. Anita says I m thinking what to tell JD.

Vikram gets gifts for everyone. Kaira asks Vikram to show his fiancee’s pic. JD comes and says Vikram can’t have any jet lag, he ruins other’s sleep. Vikram hugs him and asks how do I look. JD compliments his son. Vikram jokes. JD starts laughing. Ahaan comes home. Manav asks Ahaan to be careful, else people will get another chance to laugh. JD signs him to calm down. Jd acts good to Ahaan. Vikram asks JD about the problem. Anita opens the seat belts. She drives in high speed and scares Pankti. She hurts Pankti and says now you understand what to tell JD, how you got hurt. Pankti says accident, shall I stand in front of car. Anita says good. Pankti cries. Anita talks to JD on call. Pankti sees a woman selling mehendi and asks shall I buy one. Anita says no. JD asks her not to upset Pankti. Pankti buys a cone. Anita asks her not to start dreaming now. Pankti says I left such bad habits. They leave.

Anita gets Pankti home. JD hugs Pankti and says I really missed you, did you enjoy your freedom or was just thinking about me, what happened, why are you not looking happy. She says nothing. He says I have sent you so that you happily fulfill my wishes, am I wrong to think so. He pushes her away and checks her suitcase. He asks her about the photos. He taunts her for being her slave. He asks her to open the bags and show the contents. She says some jam bottles. He asks her to get all. He asks about her mehendi. She gets it. He makes her sit.

He says I take care of you. He holds her hand to apply mehendi. She cries. He asks why are you scared, we will play a game to make your mood good, truth and dare. He asks her how did she get hurt. She says accident. He says lie and gets angry. He asks her to have the jam. He feeds her the jam forcibly. She cries. He says we will play game again, say truth, tell me did you miss me there. She says yes. He asks really. He says then what was the need to make these memories. He asks her to burn the memories.

Pankti burns the photos. He says good girl and smiles. He asks why are you crying, you know it well that just I have right on you, your fate and memories. He shows his name written by mehendi in her hands.
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JD asks Pankti to come, he has to feed her poison. Pankti gets shocked. Ahaan tells Vikram about Pankti. Ahaan shouts I m in love.


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